Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Wedding Anniversary

Tonight, my husband and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  For the twentieth time.

We’ve lived in Hawaii and traveled the country in a beater RV. We pulled a 35 foot trailer the length of Mexico and set it up on the Caribbean Sea where we spent almost as much time underwater as in a hammock and sat beside giant sea turtles on moonless nights as they lay their eggs in our front yard.  We lived in the high desert of Arizona with five dogs, an abundance of horned toads and a few snakes.  We bought a house in the jungle of The Republic of Panama and backpacked for months through Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, and Malaysia. Poor health, a little planning and glorious luck have now brought us to Northwest Arkansas where we occasionally cuss the cold, always love the friends we’ve made since arriving two years ago.

It’s been a hellava ride. I pray it’s just beginning.


  1. Happy first anniversary, Pam and Jack! What a wonderful way to look at the celebration of your marriage. Best wishes for much happiness and love!

  2. It does sound romantic, doesn't it. Actually, Jack has commitment issues. When I mentioned yesterday that it had been twenty years, he turned snowy-white and had to go lie down for a nap. He is a funny guy, my Jack.