Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blackbirds and Death

Light explodes the dark
Blossoms of red, white, and blue
Blackbirds fall from skies

Red wings in black night
Freedom stolen, cold, hard death
Join hands, stay alert

Once again, while fireworks celebrated the remembrance of freedom, redwing blackbirds have fallen from the night skies.

Odd that only the explosions over NW Arkansas have this effect on birds.  Makes me suspicious that, for our own good no doubt, someone is hiding the truth.

Makes me consider the possibility that the liars are the same people who insist on the necessity for the new law enabling the government to pick up and hold any one of us, indefinitely, on suspicion of supporting terrorism.

Not proof of being a terrorist, but suspicion of supporting terrorism.

In my mind the image of those plummeting blackbirds is superimposed over the picture of protestors hunkered down while a uniformed protector of our freedom sprays pepper spray directly into their faces. I keep seeing Japanese rounded up for internment camps, Indians marched on trails marked with death and sorrow.

Without the freedom to fly, what will we become?

Is no one else frightened that we’re falling into a cold world of darkness and death? 

Is it time we joined hands and figured out a way to get past our differences?

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  1. Your haikus are powerful, Pam, and the metaphors are provocative. We have some sad moments in our history, and as you say, we must remember them and stay alert.